Garden of Freedom

As one of the owners of this permaculture project, I also take the lead to
design the branding. To start with… I designed the logo, created the website
and made several other small things to complete the visual appearance.

At the Garden of Freedom we use permaculture principles to create a self-sufficient
business. By giving workshops and having guests we want to show people a way to
live more consciously with nature so we can take better care of her.

Within this project we’ve set up a donation plan to create a well-founded start and
have financial support.

As a GoF family member you will be treated like family. So therefore, every month,
we will give you store credit on your personal GoF card. This structure is all
developed within the (WordPress) Woocommerce environment. With this GoF card
(coupon code) you can decide to shop on our webshop, donate a tree or even save
up your monthly credits to book an overnight stay or workshop later.

To give you an overview of what to expect, I designed this timeline:

As the creative mind behind this project I know that it will be a never ending design
job. Making designs such as t-shirts, blogpost headers and everything that needs a
visually attractive appearance will continuously build up and will give me loads of work.